80% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart

Target 80% Tungsten Pyro Soft Tip Dart, complete with Pixel Tips, Pro Grip Vision Shafts and Target Vision flights.

This stunning new dart from Target features our unique, revolutionary new Pixel Grip technology. It combines both axial and radial precision-milled cuts to produce a bi-directional grip form.

This is Target at it's innovative best - creative design and unique technology, together bringing you darts of supreme craftsmanship, and bears Target's unique lifetime barrel guarantee.


Barrel-Gewicht: 16.01g
Komplett-Gewicht: 17.9g
Barrel: 80% Tungsten
Barrel-Länge: 39.0mm
Schaft-Länge: 42mm
Komplett-Länge: 134mm
Barrel-Durchmesser: 7.7mm
Gewinde Spitze: 2BA, dünnes Gewinde ca. 6mm
Gewinde Schaft: 2BA, dünnes Gewinde ca. 6mm

Hersteller: Target
Hersteller-Artikelnummer: 101521
EAN Nummer: 5050807022823
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